November 3, 2016

About Us

We’re on a mission to modernize the way people manage their clothing, and eliminate manual laundry tasks in the home. ThreadRobe is a software and hardware company that brings physical and digital organization to your apparel: the way you store, manage, purchase, and think about it.

Our Team

  • Matt Powell CEO ThreadRobe

    Matt Powell


    Before ThreadRobe, Matt was a Vice President at a global design and manufacturing company. He has built, sold, and serviced hardware/software solutions for customers in over 65 countries. He loves travelling, cars, and exotic foods, but he is a hater of laundry! Matt is also an Army Ranger veteran, a West Point graduate, and earned an MBA from Harvard.

  • Kristy Schultz Threadrobe VP marketing

    Kristy Schultz

    VP Marketing

    Kristy has spent 15 years helping companies to define their brand, find their best customers, and quickly accelerate growth. She is a self-described data junkie, and leans hard on hypotheses, experiments and facts to build marketing strategies that work. Kristy graduated from Indiana State University with degrees in Communications and Spanish, and earned an MBA from Harvard.

  • Jason Force ThreadRobe Engineer

    Jason Force

    Electrical Engineer

    Jason has 20 years of electrical and computer engineering experience in the Space & Defense industry. His past work ranges from on-orbit satellite software to mobile robotics guidance and sensor systems. He also enjoys prototyping electromechanical systems with his experience in mechanical design, motor design, control theory, and electromagnetic systems. Jason is completing his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Robotics and Controls.

  • Nabil Al Ramli software engineer

    Nabil Al Ramli

    Software Engineer/Architect

    Nabil has 12 years of experience architecting and developing network and device software solutions, for a wide variety of technologies and platforms. His skills include information security, high-performance and real-time applications, network programming, system-level programming, cloud software, big data, and web applications. Nabil has a BS in Software Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.