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  • Wardrobe
  • What is ThreadRobe?

    ThreadRobe is a specially-designed piece of furniture (a wardrobe) that automatically stores your clean clothes. You’ll still wash and dry your clothes using your current washing machine and dryer. But when your dryer is finished, remove the entire pile of clothing and place it directly into the bin of your ThreadRobe wardrobe. The wardrobe automatically sorts and stores everything for you. When you want a piece of clothing back, you select it from the ThreadRobe mobile app, and the wardrobe will retrieve it, steam it to your specifications, and place it back in the bin for you to wear.

  • What does the mobile app do?

    The ThreadRobe app is the user interface for your automated wardrobe. It also serves as you digital closet, to organize and manage all of your clothing. Use the app to select and schedule outfits to wear, pack for trips, and match items while shopping in a store, or online. Your digital closet is now like your digital music—you can carry it around with you and access it at any time.

  • How many items does it store?

    We offer two wardrobe sizes:

    • ThreadRobe Solo (which stores 100 pieces of clothing)
    • ThreadRobe Solo+ (which stores 200 pieces of clothing)

    Both models can be used by an individual user or shared between multiple users. Remember that you can choose to keep all of your clothes in the wardrobe, rotate them seasonally, or store only those items that you wear most often. You may use the ThreadRobe app (your digital closet) to manage all of your apparel and accessories, even those not stored inside the wardrobe.

  • How do I load clothes into the wardrobe?

    The wardrobe has a front-loading door and bin, similar to a front-loading clothes dryer. The bin holds a load of dry laundry (about 20-30 items). After placing a load of clothes into the wardrobe bin, close the door, and push the start button. The wardrobe uses moisture sensors to ensure the clothes are dry for storage, and then picks, identifies, and stores your garments. If you have a large load of clothes, and cannot fit all of it in at once, give the wardrobe about 20-30 minutes to store some of the items before adding the rest.

  • How does it store my clothes?

    After you place clean clothes in the bin, the wardrobe uses specially-designed, rubber-coated hangers to safely grip and separate each item. The wardrobe uses an RFID reader to identify the item, then places the hanger into a cradle inside the unit. Your clothing will be hung in that location until you want it back. This technique is similar to using clothespins on a clothesline……safe, proven, and efficient. The wardrobe knows where each item is stored, and will retrieve it on demand, so there’s no need for you to open the wardrobe to find anything inside.

  • What kind of clothes does it store?

    What you choose to store in yours is up to you. To help you decide, we’ve put together a few tips.

    • Shirts, pants, dresses, shorts, skirts, underwear, bras, swimsuits and socks—yes even socks!—can be stored in the wardrobe. The wardrobe understands which items are pairs, so you’ll get both socks back at the same time.

    • Suits—including pants and jackets—do quite well in the ThreadRobe wardrobe. Wrinkles are removed in the steam cycle.

    • “Hard” accessories (such as shoes, belts, and purses) should not be stored in the ThreadRobe wardrobe. However, you can still add these accessories to the digital inventory of your ThreadRobe app, so that you can create, view, and shop with complete outfits.

    • Fine or loose knits may stretch when hung by ThreadRobe’s hangers. Sweaters—especially those that are heavy in weight—may be best stored outside of the wardrobe.

    • Formal dresses and other items that look best if they maintain a high level of structure may be better preserved if hung traditionally in a closet.

    • Bulky items, such as winter coats, typically occupy a lot of space in the wardrobe. Therefore, we recommend not putting your winter coats inside.

  • How do I retrieve clothes from my wardrobe?

    When you need something to wear, just open your ThreadRobe app. The app provides a variety of search and filtering tools to accommodate how you prefer to view and select your clothing. For example, you can pick individual items, view complete outfits, or select from your list of favorites. Tap Dispense Now, and the wardrobe retrieves your item from its storage location, drops it in the bin, and steams it to your specifications. Tap Dispense Later to schedule the item to be automatically retrieved at a specific date and time of your choosing. If you are someone who likes to try on more than one thing before deciding what to wear, just throw the unworn clothes back into the wardrobe bin. The wardrobe will automatically hang them back up for you.

  • Will my clothes be wrinkled?

    No. The wardrobe will steam your clothes, to your specifications, when it dispenses them. In other words, the steaming process happens when you select something to wear...the wardrobe will retrieve the items from storage, steam them, and return them to you fresh and wrinkle free. You might be asking how it knows the steam setting for each item...when you initially add a new item to your ThreadRobe app, you will select a steam setting for each item (settings include Low, Medium, High, or None...but the app actually shows you the fabric types and the recommended steam setting for each fabric, to help you decide). You can adjust/edit the steam setting for an item, in the app, at any time. Because of the steam process, clothes that are stored in a ThreadRobe wardrobe will have fewer wrinkles than those stored in a traditional closet or dresser. It is important to note that the wardrobe is steaming your clothing, but not pressing or ironing them. The results will be similar to those seen from a handheld wand steamer, but you don’t have to manual operate it.

  • Can I share one wardrobe with others (my partner, spouse, children, roommate)?

    Absolutely. Any ThreadRobe wardrobe can be used by more than one person. We designed the Solo+ model with a higher storage capacity, making it easier for two users to share. Regardless of how many people share a wardrobe, each user will still manage their own account on their phone or tablet, seeing and dispensing only their own clothes. During the setup process, you will assign your account to a specific wardrobe. Multiple accounts may be assigned to a single wardrobe. Admin accounts are also available, and useful for parents with small children, or others who need to actively manage another user’s account/clothes.

  • Does ThreadRobe fold my clothes?

    No, we hang your clothes. When creating ThreadRobe, we focused on completely eliminating the manual task of putting away clothes…..and then getting the clothes back, on-demand, wrinkle-free and ready to wear. If those are the goals and save users the most time, we discovered that hanging is the better option.

  • Does ThreadRobe wash and/or dry my clothes?

    No. The wardrobe does not wash or dry your clothing. You’ll still need to use your current washing machine and dryer. However, the wardrobe bin does have moisture sensors to detect if clothing is too wet or damp for storing. If clothing items are too wet/damp, the wardrobe will not store them, and you’ll receive a push notification to your mobile device. You will need to remove those items from the wardrobe bin, and fully dry them.

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  • Digital Closet (Mobile App)
  • How do I select outfits/items to wear?

    You select items (or outfits) to wear in the ThreadRobe mobile app. The app gives you several options for searching and filtering, to accommodate the way you prefer to view and select your clothing. For example, you can view and pick individual items, view and create complete outfits, or select from your list of favorites. Once you’ve selected the items you want, tap the Dispense Now button, and the wardrobe will retrieve them from their storage location, drop them in the bin, and steam them to your specifications. Tap Dispense Later to schedule items to be automatically retrieved at a specific date and time of your choosing. (You can plan your clothes for the week, to be steamed and waiting for you each morning.) Your digital closet is now like your digital music—you can always access it, and you don’t even need to be home to schedule and dispense outfits.

  • How does ThreadRobe recommend outfits to me?

    When you initially add a new item to your digital closet (in the ThreadRobe app), you will enter a few details about the item (e.g. for what occasion would you wear this item). The algorithms in the ThreadRobe app use this information to choreograph complete, matching outfits for you to select from. You can make final adjustments to the displayed outfits before scheduling or dispensing them.

  • I like to select my own outfits; can I still do that?

    Of course, we encourage you to freestyle! You can create and save your own outfit combinations by using the Clipboard feature. Within your ThreadRobe app, each item and outfit contains a clipboard icon. When you select this icon, those items are sent to your clipboard, for you to edit and save. This feature works especially well when you want to wear layers!

  • Can I put items into my digital closet app but not store them inside the wardrobe?

    Yes. Regardless of where you physically store your apparel and accessories, we recommend you include them in the ThreadRobe app (your digital closet). This allows you to create and view complete outfits. It’s also useful when creating packing lists, and helps you match more apparel and accessories when shopping.

  • Can I schedule outfits in advance?

    Yes you can. This is an excellent feature for those of us who are always rushed in the morning. The ThreadRobe app allows you to schedule outfits during any of your down time (like commuting to work, eating your lunch, or laying on the sofa). After selecting an outfit in the app, simply tap the Dispense Later button. Then, select a date and time for your wardrobe to automatically steam and dispense that outfit.

  • How would I retrieve multiple outfits when packing for a trip?

    The ThreadRobe app contains a Pack feature that walks you through a simple process of selecting items for your trip, ensuring that you don’t forget anything. Then, it shows you all of the outfit combinations that you can make from the items you selected, so that you can see if you’ve over-packed or under-packed. You can dispense the packing list, save it, or schedule it to be dispensed at a future date and time. You can also modify or re-schedule a saved packing list.

  • How does the wardrobe manage my “dirty” clothes?

    The ThreadRobe mobile app will place a small icon on any item that has been dispensed from the wardrobe, letting you know that it is either dirty or not currently in the wardrobe. You can also use the What’s Out feature to view the full list of items that were dispensed and not returned to the wardrobe. If you like to try on multiple items before deciding what to wear, or you have “slightly worn” garments lying around your room, we encourage you to throw them back into the wardrobe bin. It’s quick and easy, and the wardrobe can steam and dispense those items the next time you want to wear them.

  • I am a parent/spouse, can I manage my child’s/spouse’s apparel and wardrobe?

    Yes. You can create and link multiple ThreadRobe accounts, and manage them from a single mobile device. For example, parents can create an account for their child, and then view, select, dispense, and schedule their child’s outfits—whether they share a wardrobe with their child, or they each have their own wardrobe. You can also allow your friends to have view-only access to your digital closet, but only if you grant them permission to do so.

  • Can I use my current mobile device for the ThreadRobe app?

    The ThreadRobe app is currently compatible with Android operating systems on phones and tablets. The iOS (Apple) version is under development. We will have both versions available when we start production and shipping of our automated wardrobes.

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  • Apparel Shopping
  • How can ThreadRobe help me shop for new clothes?

    Having the ThreadRobe app on your mobile device means that you always have access to your full digital closet. If you’re shopping in a store, simply take a picture of an item and the ThreadRobe app will instantly match it to all of your current clothes and accessories, showing you how many ways you can wear it. If you’re shopping online, just download the picture of the item, and the app will also match it to your existing apparel.

  • Can I buy clothes within the ThreadRobe app?

    Not at this time. We are currently focused on freeing you from the burden of folding and putting away your clothes! Once we have a strong foothold with this, look for ThreadRobe to continue innovating with more feature enhancements, products, and services.

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  • Set Up
  • How much space do I need for the wardrobe?

    ThreadRobe Solo units are 72" wide, 48” tall, and 22” deep. ThreadRobe Solo+ units are 48″ wide, 93″ tall, and 22″ deep. When determining where to place the unit in your home, remember that you'll also need approximately 24″ of clearance in front of the wardrobe, to allow the bin door to fully open.

  • Where can I put it in my house?

    We recommend locating your wardrobe in your bedroom, dressing room, laundry room, or other convenient location. The wardrobe requires 110v power to operate, and needs to be in the vicinity of a standard power outlet.

  • Does the wardrobe use standard 110v power?

    Yes, the wardrobe uses 110v power and a standard power plug.

  • Do I need a dryer vent and/or water lines for the wardrobe to work?

    No. ThreadRobe does not wash or dry your clothes, so there’s no need for a vent or water lines. However, the wardrobe does need water for its steam cycle. This water is provided via a refillable reservoir, similar to a Keurig coffee maker. This small amount of steam will be vented into the room, but will not affect the moisture level any more than a handheld steamer.

  • What is the installation process for the wardrobe?

    ThreadRobe technicians will deliver your wardrobe to your home, place it where you’d like it, and ensure that the unit is fully functional. They’ll also help you to download the app to your mobile device, and will assist you with loading a few clothing items. Once you have the process down, you’ll need to enter the rest of your apparel items. Adding a new apparel item to your wardrobe/app (for the first time) takes about 30 seconds per item……but you never have to fold or hang that item ever again!

  • How do I initially load all of my clothing into the wardrobe and ThreadRobe app?

    When you are adding a new apparel item to your wardrobe for the first time, you must first enter it into the ThreadRobe app. It takes about 30 seconds to add a new item to your app/wardrobe. Once you have completed the set-up process, you never have to do anything for that item again, and you never have to fold or hang it either! The process of adding a new item is simple:

    • Open the ThreadRobe App on your smartphone or tablet
    • Tap the Add Item button
    • Take a photo of the item or upload an image from your device.
    • Enter a few basic details about the item (occasion, steam setting, etc.).
    • Attach an RFID tag to the garment, using the tool we provide you.
    • Toss the item into the wardrobe bin, and you’re done.
  • Do I need WiFi?

    Your wardrobe and mobile device do require an internet connection to communicate. For the wardrobe, this is a WiFi connection to a home router/network. The mobile device can use either the home Wifi or the connection your phone makes with cell phone towers.

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  • Troubleshooting + Support
  • What happens if the power goes out?

    If the power goes out in your home, your mobile app should still function normally. Your ThreadRobe app will detect when your wardrobe is offline, and it will then display the physical location of the item(s) you’re looking for inside the wardrobe (e.g. Row C, Hook 15). You’ll be able to open access doors on the wardrobe, find that location, and unhook the item yourself.

  • What happens if I lose my phone?

    You can login to your account, and access your wardrobe, from any mobile device that has the ThreadRobe app. If you replace your phone, you’ll need to download the app again, but your account details will remain the same.

  • What happens if I have a technical problem?

    You can chat with a representative within the ThreadRobe app by tapping ‘Assistant’ on the home screen. Once we start shipping units, we will also provide a 1-800 number, for those who prefer to speak with a representative.

  • What's the warranty?

    We want you to have a great experience with your wardrobe. ThreadRobe will provide a thirteen (13) month limited warranty and return procedures for all US customers. Please read Section 6 of our TERMS FOR PRE-ORDERING PRODUCT for more details. We will provide final warranty details as we get closer to shipping units.

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  • RFID Technology
  • What is RFID?

    RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. It is the same technology used in keyless door access cards (like those used for hotel rooms). Our RFID tags are very small, non-intrusive, and attach to each item of clothing. Each chip carries a unique, random number that allows your wardrobe to identify each article of clothing. The number is only relevant to your assigned ThreadRobe wardrobe and is used for identifying each item for storage and retrieval. Outside of your wardrobe, the number is meaningless. Neither your personal information, nor the item information you enter during setup, is stored on the tag. The RFID tag number is read by a small antennae inside your wardrobe, and can only be read at a short distance. If your tagged clothing is placed into another ThreadRobe wardrobe, not assigned to you, that other wardrobe will not recognize your items, and will not store them inside.

  • Why do my clothes need RFID tags?

    RFID tags enable the wardrobe to identify each item of clothing that’s placed in the bin. As the storage arm picks up each item, the garment is scanned for a tag. The wardrobe records where each item is placed inside your wardrobe, so that it can quickly find things when you want to wear them. Your wardrobe will not store clothing that does not have an RFID tag, and will leave those items in the bin. You’ll receive a push notification to your phone if your wardrobe discovers items without RFID tags.

  • How do I attach RFID tags to my clothing?

    You’ll receive a bag of RFID tags and an applicator tool with your wardrobe purchase. The applicator tool will make attaching the tags a simple 2 second process. We recommend attaching the RFID tags to the care instructions tag of a garment, or to a seam of the garment.

  • What if I put an item into the bin of my wardrobe without an RFID tag?

    No problem! The wardrobe automatically scans each item as it’s picked. It will store all items that have RFID tags, but return any items without RFID tags to the bin. It will also return any items with RFID tags that are not assigned to that specific wardrobe (e.g. if your kid’s socks are accidently loaded with your clothes, they will not be stored). The wardrobe will also identify two or more items that are stuck together (e.g. a sock that is attached to a sweatshirt with static from the dryer). These items will also be placed back in the bin. At the end of the storage cycle, you’ll receive a push notification on your mobile device telling you that the wardrobe has found untagged items, unknown tagged items, or items that appear to be stuck together. You can then check the bin to identify the issue (e.g. separate the two items stuck together and throw them back in to be stored). You’ll never lose a sock to static cling ever again!

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  • Ordering Details
  • After making a pre-order, how does the rest of the ordering process work?

    We will send periodic email updates to keep you informed of our progress. Once the Product is close to manufacturing, ThreadRobe will contact you (via phone or email) to confirm your pre-order. You must replying with all needed information (e.g. confirming your shipping address, paying any balances due for the Product, shipping fees, taxes, install charges, etc.) Once you reply with all needed information and payments then your pre-order will be “Accepted”, and ThreadRobe will proceed with manufacturing and shipping your unit.

  • Will financing be available?

    We do intend to have financing options available before we start collecting the final order details from our pre-order customers. As with all financing, the credit status of each customer will be assessed before extending any credit.

  • When will ThreadRobe start shipping units?

    Based on our current status and timelines, we intend to start shipping pre-order units in mid- 2018. It may take us a few months to clear the backlog, based on the volume of pre-orders we receive. Pre-orders units will be built based on the order in which we receive them.

  • Is ThreadRobe for the US market only?

    Yes. We are currently offering our pre-order units in 110v versions only, and we will only ship units to locations within the continental United States. As the company grows, we will look to expand to Hawaii/Alaska, as well as international markets.

  • Why is ThreadRobe taking pre-orders?

    ThreadRobe is using pre-orders as a way for customers to help us in 4 ways:

    1. Create a community that has input into the final designs and options of the product.
    2. Determine the size of the initial demand, so we can properly plan and resource our manufacturing efforts.
    3. Determine the popularity of each model.
    4. Refine our roll-out plan (e.g. where we should place our technicians to best serve our customers).

    We do require a payment to identify serious customers.

  • What comes with a ThreadRobe purchase?

    You will receive an automated wardrobe, the ThreadRobe mobile app, a full set of RFID tags (approximately 125 with a Solo model and 225 with a Solo+ model), an RFID tag applicator tool, and a 13 month warranty. Shipping, tax, and installation costs are not included in the sales price.

  • What if I change my mind after I pre-order?

    You may modify or cancel any pre-order at any time for a full refund, up until the date that the pre-order is considered “Accepted”, as defined in section 2.B(2) of our Terms for the Pre-Ordering Product. For any pre-order inquiries, please contact ThreadRobe at preorders@threadrobe.com.

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