November 8, 2016



(both 22″ depth)

ThreadRobe - Tech Specs - Solo


Our solo model stores 100 pieces of clothing, and is perfect for a single user. It’s about the size of a typical dresser, and with a 48 inch height, you can still keep things like jewelry boxes on top of it, and hang pictures or mirrors on the wall above it.

ThreadRobe - Tech Specs - Solo Plus


We designed the Solo+ model with a higher storage capaciy (200 pieces of clothing), helping two users to share, or for a single user who requires a little more storage. It’s a wall unit, about the width of a typical armoire, and utilizes the full height of your wall to the ceiling.

Power & Communications

  • Wardrobe uses 110v, with standard 110v plug

  • Wardrobe has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Low power UHF RFID reader

  • IR Stereo imager

  • Clothing bin contains moisture and pressure sensors


  • Linear system – linear rails with belt-driven carriage

  • X-Y-Z motion – 3 phase brushless DC motors in servo configuration

  • Gripper – 12v DC motor

  • Clothing bin – 18” diameter drum rotated by 120v DC motor

  • Exterior – various woods

Software/Mobile App

  • ThreadRobe mobile app works with Android operating systems on all mobile devices (phones and tablets). Apple (iOS) version is in development

  • Wardrobe requires Wi-Fi network coverage in the home; Mobile device also requires internet connection


  • ThreadRobe will provide a thirteen (13) month limited warranty and return procedures for all US customers

  • Please read Section 6 of our TERMS FOR PRE-ORDERING PRODUCT for more details

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